“Out  Of Season”

The Guv’nor writes…

Hornets English Classics

Hornets has a new shop on Kensington Church Walk. (I shall say, “Near the Palace,” as it is. I always forget that. I’m so used to taking a stroll across the road, into the park and looking at the Palace and the Round Pond, then on the way back dropping into my good friend Romano’s restaurant for a glass of wine, I forget the Palace is there. Hornets is in a London village, an incredibly chic and historic village. Anyway, enough, I want to tell you about our latest shop: English Classics.)


English Classics is a shop to rely on all the year round. Regardless of season it will always stock tweed jackets, old Barbours, tweed suits, shooting jackets, breaks, Guernsey sweaters, cricket sweaters, college scarves, Tootal scarves, cord pants, wool waistcoats, our new shooting jackets and quilted jackets. In short, everything that is “so very English”.


The suit shop on The Walk also carries overcoats all year.



So if you are visiting London or just want to set yourself up for the Autumn, pop in, say hello and have a look around.



That is all,



Bill Hornets.





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