Dress Like A Man – Part One

The Man From The Hornet writes… It’s The Hornet’s version of the birthday honours list. Bill Hornets – The Guv’nor – casts his eye over the state of style and holds forth in a four part series in the run up to his birthday. This year he’s “carrying on” about suits, masculinity and how NOT to do it…


Cary Grant

Bill Hornets writes…


When Cary Grant was asked why he thought he was voted “Best Dressed Man of the Year” so often, he replied, “If double breasted suits are fashionable, I wear single and if single are in, I wear double.”


He was making a bit of a joke, but in fact he had a perfect sense of style and dressed superbly, presenting himself beautifully. Simple, masculine, elegant.


In all: a man.



(Continued tomorrow…)




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