Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

Bill Hornets (on the occasion of his birthday, no less!) writes…


What is it that fascinates me about shoes?


Hornets currently carries over one hundred and fifty pairs of vintage shoes. Bespoke, Classic, Famous Names, Designer, Period and the unusual. Oh, boots too.


I just had a text from one of our suppliers. He has four pairs of crocs (crocodile) and eight other good English shoes. I can’t wait to see them.


It is said that women look at men’s shoes to see how successful they are. I know men look at other men’s shoes, as it tells you a lot about a man. Not so much his background, as style, good taste, confidence, creativeness and success in a particular field. All these things – like manners can – be acquired. Shoes can tell you these things and more. Yes there are confident shoes, just as there are outrageous pop star shoes.


English shooting or country shoes are not only practical, they are very pleasing to the eye.


Suede brogues in a good Cape Buck are beautiful. In my study on display are a pair of fifties brown and white co-respondent shoes and a pair of old shooting boots. Hanging in one of the shops are well-used football, rugby and cricket boots from the thirties.


I’m carrying on a bit, so that’s it for now, but don’t worry I’ll be back on the subject. I haven’t even mentioned the shoe makers in Northampton yet, or the best bespoke shoe maker in London, or the top designer shoes, or… No I’ll shut up.


No, just one more thing. Can you begin to see my fascination?… I’m really going to stop now.


That is all









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