The Greatest Beard of All Time?

The Man From The Hornet writes…


Am I the only one baffled by the recent fad for wilderness-style beards among young men?


I suppose that it can be filed under “T” for “try everything once”. (Although in the facial hair department the mo’ that’s no longer known as the Toothbrush Moustache is still pretty much out of bounds.)


I’m calling them Wilderness Beards in ignorance of any “official” name. Are they called Wilderness Beards? It’s as good a name as any – vast, long, rambling, bushy affairs, large enough to harbour entire club sandwiches, let alone crumbs.


I think they look particularly eccentric on young, slim men. I’m always reminded of English cricket legend W.G Grace, who at least had the frame to match the beard. Here he is…


WG Grace

William Gilbert Grace was born on this day – 18th July – in 1848. An amateur cricketer, he is still regarded as one of the all time greats.


Away from the field of play, Grace was a medical man. As a doctor, the great man would diagnose his patients twice over: once to find what ailed them; and again to ascertain whether they could afford to pay. If they came up wanting in the latter, Grace would simply neglect to send them a bill.


Oddly, for such a big man, he had something of a shrill voice. Toward the end of his life (he died in 1915) he is said to have played his part in the war effort by taking to his garden and shouting at passing Zeppelins and shaking his fist at the blighters.


Cricket Jumpers






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