This Is Us

The Man From the Hornet writes… This August we’re looking at stylish musicians here on The Hornet.

By way of a prelude, Bill Hornets, The Guv’nor, takes a look at music on a much grander scale. Over to Bill…


Bill Hornets The Guv'nor

The link below is to a short film of a friend of Michal our Style Management. It was shot over ten years ago. It shows 8-year-old Aristo Sham’s mastery of Chopin…


Have a look (we don’t have the appropriate permissions to post the video here but you can watch it on YouTube)…

The Ukraine, Gaza, the news…


Then this, which shows man is above all the killing, the violence, the hate, the deceit.


That’s what this little boy is saying (though he doesn’t know it): Man is beautiful, we are capable of great things.


At the end of the little film, I think all he’s concerned about… “Is it tea time and are there any cakes?”


Play it again, and say to yourself: “This is us.”



The Guv’nor









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