Tweed! Tweed! Tweed!

Tweed Tweed Tweed

One of the staples of Hornets is tweed.


Not just Harris Tweed, but the whole range of English tweeds, from the North, the West Country, everywhere.


Just arrived is a three piece suit in a Welsh tweed.


Not only all kinds of tweeds, but thorn-proofs – that’s a tightly woven, tough country cloth of which Keepers Tweed is the prime example.


Suits, tweed jackets, shoes and the unusual are the backbone of Hornets. So why tweed? Well obviously it is so very English and so very useful.


A tweed jacket, be it a thick, reliable old shooting jacket with poacher’s pockets – I love those, good for iPods, hip flasks and all kinds of necessities – or a smooth, lighter lounge lizard tweed, or anything in between says a lot about you.


Wearing any good tweed when you walk into the restaurant or hotel, the head waiter or the hotel manager says to themselves: that’s a man of importance.


You can wear your jacket with almost any pants, jeans, cords, moleskins, formal grey flannels, cavalry twills. In your wardrobe, you should have at least three tweed jackets, then you are set up for life and all it throws at you.


An old much loved tweed jacket, like a dog, is a dear and faithful friend.


That is all



Bill Hornets




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