The Stylish Musicians No.1: David Bowie

That David Bowie is a style icon is taken as read. The big question is: WHICH David Bowie?


We’re willing to answer that one: MOST of them.


To qualify: we’re setting aside his “costume” periods here – Ziggy Stardust, for example – and focusing on the points from his career – a veritable pageant of music and style – that made us go: “I must get a suit like THAT.”


In 1979 his Boys Keep Swinging video is best remembered for his performance in drag. But the suit is what captures our eye. Sharp as only a man named for a knife could be, watch his dance moves closely: it looks casual, a boy showing off, peacocking his stuff on the dancefloor. But pay attention: Bowie never repeats a single move. It’s choreographed to the nth degree. It’s this attention to detail that creates the impression of effortlessness that is absolutely essential to stylishness.



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