R.I.P Lord Attenborough

The Man From The Hornet, in transit at Auckland Airport New Zealand, breaks his journey to comment on the sad news from England…


As regular Horneteers are aware, I miss no opportunity to blog about The Great Escape. Twice now in recent weeks I have had occasion to do so in very sad circumstances. A few weeks ago James Garner left us.

And news has just broken here of the death of Lord Attenborough. He was 90 years old.


No doubt The Guv’nor will have a thing or two to say about both the man and the actor when the news has sunk in. I’ll be adding a few words too, upon my return to Kensington. In the meantime, our thoughts are with the great man’s family, and we give thanks for the wonderful hours spent in his company through his many movies. May he rest in peace.




Auckland, New Zealand 25/8/14


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