Hats on Holiday

So travel broadens the mind, does it?




I recently saw a commercial in Australia which did nothing more than confirm my existing prejudices regarding beanie hats.


The advert sang the merits of a beanie hat with a built in torch.


A quick Google threw up this picture of The Edge from U2 (a man who should frankly know better) sporting just such an item of headgear…


The Edge


The hat on the commercial was being billed as the, and I quote, “ultimate” gift for Fathers’ Day (the Aussie version of which is 17th September).


Ultimate, eh? Ultimate meaning final. Well if any child of mine were to make me a gift of a beanie hat with (or without) a built-in flashlight then it would certainly be the last gift they ever gave, I’d see to that!


Any other suggestions as to what should be “built-in” to a beanie hat will be gratefully received.








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