A Few Words on Scotland From The Pen – And The Heart – Of Bill Hornets

United Kingdom flagScotland, oh Scotland.

If it’s a yes or no for independence, Alex Salmond is the loser. If it’s yes he has to deliver that near impossible “Brave New World” he’s promised his people, if it’s no, I presume he loses his job.

Some years ago I was working in Scotland for six months based in Glasgow, that city that I learned to love. Some weekends I’d go to Edinburgh, again a remarkable and beautiful city.

I’ve worked in The Highlands, Dundee and a lot in between.

In Glasgow I was looked after by Mrs Burns and her husband Willie, they treated me like family. Everywhere I went in Scotland with my very English self and very English voice, I found nothing but warmth, generosity and a remarkable courtesy, rough and ready in Glasgow, more genteel in other parts of the country, but the same.

Adam the Scotsman I work with on this blog and the Hornets website has all the qualities I mention plus that other Scottish gift a tremendous sense of humour. He is very Scottish. I am very English. We work very well together.

I’d love Scotland to stay in the union, together we are stronger. I also feel a great emotional tie to that beautiful country and its extraordinary people. They are my people, as I am theirs.

Whatever happens Scotland I wish you luck and please know that I will carry a piece of Scotland in my heart forever.

The Guv’nor


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