Just Who Is The Best-Dressed Superhero?

The Man From The Hornet writes…


Earlier this year we greatly enjoyed a fun photo-article from Vanity Fair speculating on the Best Dressed Superheroes. (Read the full article at the Vanity Fair website)

And it got us to thinking… just who IS the best-dressed superhero?


Can we include Doctor Who? Is he a superhero? If so, we think he’s worthy of a place in the Top 3 at least, particularly in his current incarnation, replete with classic British Crombie coat and Doctor Marten shoes…

Capaldi Doctor Who


We’d also have to look at Clark Kent to score high. His look – classic, stolid, reliable Brooks Brothers – says a lot about enduring style. Here he is in a cover from 1976…


Best Dressed Superhero 2


… in a get-up that wouldn’t have been out of place in an original 1930s Superman strip. And it would still look stylish today.


Personally I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Doctor Strange, created by the legendary Marvel man Steve Ditko.



Best Dressed Superhero 3

Outré, theatrical, with more than a whiff of 1960’s Hugh Heffner’s mansion about him, it’s a great look for a superhero… if not entirely advisable when popping out to Waitrose. Tread with caution. Indeed, if we see you dressed like this on your next visit to Hornets we may well pretend not to know you. (As a by-the-by we were terribly disappointed to learn that Benedict Cumberbatch would not after all be playing Doctor Strange in the forthcoming movie.)



And so it’s over to you, Horneteers: who is the best-dressed superhero? Or villain? Who is the worst dressed? Get in touch, leave a comment here or on Facebook.







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