Sunday, Sweet Sunday

The Guv’nor writes…

Bill Hornets The Guv'nor


“Sunday Sweet Sunday with nothing to do”… an old song from a fifties musical, Flower Drum Song.


I start my Sundays with a few old friends. At about 10:30 I have a quick breakfast and I open the shop at 11:00.


Then it’s very laid back, people pop by and chat, some old friends, some new ones.


Our customers are a pretty interesting bunch, so it’s fun, people buy things, some come to discuss things.


Then after midday they often wonder up to the pub. Our local is the Elephant and Castle on Holland Street.


Others make a beeline for Ffiona’s restaurant on Church Street for her famous Sunday brunch, kick started with a Bloody Mary – it’s very country house weekend.


Then I’m in the shop until 2:30 or 3:00 then Landi takes over and I go to lunch. Sometimes if I’m late I go to my friend Romano’s and eat there.


I like Sundays. Good people and interesting chat.


So see you one Sunday, come and say hello.


The Guv’nor





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