The 12 Bears of Christmas No.4: Max

To decorate our shops this Christmas we’ve enlisted the help of a number of bears.


We think they’re a rather handsome bunch. And so, over the next 12 days we’ll be introducing them one-by-one here on The Hornet. There will be a little biographical info on each, and a copy of each bear’s letter to Father Christmas.

Here’s Max…

Hornets Bear - Max copy

Max was once the bear of a Triple Crown-winning rugby captain. He is a bear of few words but, if pressed he’ll reveal that he played a bit of rugby himself to a very high level. Bear rugby is very similar to human rugby (only much tougher). This was all back in the day before professionalism, of course. By day Max used to work in the City. The Bear Stock Exchange is very similar to the human Stock Exchange (only much tougher).

Max's Letter


The Guv’nor replies… Max, it was always a joy to watch you thundering down the flank in your white jersey with the red rose worn on your stout heart. You are welcome to the pick of our vintage sportswear this and any Christmas.

Hornets for Vintage Sportswear

Hornets Kensington Shop Online


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