The 12 Bears of Christmas No.6: Pavel

To decorate our shops this Christmas we’ve enlisted the help of a number of bears.


We think they’re a rather handsome bunch. And so, over the next 12 days we’ll be introducing them one-by-one here on The Hornet. There will be a little biographical info on each, and a copy of each bear’s letter to Father Christmas.


Meet Pavel…



Pavel has lived in England now for many years more than he ever lived in his native land. “I am never forget when I am coming in this country as young bear,” he says, his accent rich and smoky, “I am loving five things mainly best: the GPO, the BBC, The Times, the English people and a fine tweed jacket. And now, only the people and the tweed jacket is to love. Only they will endure.”

Pavel Letter

The Guv’nor replies… Well said, Pavel my friend, well said. We are a broad church here at Hornets. And we have just the thing in your size, too…

Tweed Tweed Tweed

Hornets Kensington Shop Online



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