The 12 Bears of Christmas No.9: Mordecai

As you know, we’ve employed a number of bears to brighten up the shops here in Kensington this Christmas. We’ve been introducing them one-by-one here on The Hornet in the 12 days running up to Christmas Eve.

Meet Mordecai…

Hornets Bears Mordecai

Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, by the look of him. But never judge a book by its cover. Here’s his Christmas letter to Santa…

Mordecai's letter


The Guv’nor replies… Mordecai! Far be it from me to meddle in the affairs of a grown bear. What a bear does in his own free time, as long as he’s not harming other bears, is that bear’s own affair. As you know I personally am beyond being shocked and judge no bear. But we have had to censor your letter in the interests of this respectable blog and its more impressionable readers. Happy Christmas Mordecai. Instead of the item requested (we haven’t had one of those in our shops for YEARS) would you like a nice Gucci tie instead?


Hornets Kensington Shop Online




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