Our Soldier Came Home For Christmas

Look who’s come home for Christmas…

WWI Soldier


A few months ago we announced here on The Hornet that our beloved portrait of this World War I soldier had been stolen from our shop. (You can catch up with that earlier post HERE.)


Well on Sunday, just after lunchtime, he came home. Someone – he or she made no announcement – left the pic leaning against the door of No.2 Church Walk while we were looking the other way.


To the person who brought our portrait back… thank you.


We missed him. We always put him on display to remember the dead of all conflicts every November. He helps us remember. And now that he has come back to us for Christmas, we remember that so many of those children – for that is all they surely were – never saw Christmas again.


In this centenary year, at the going down of the sun and in the morning, on Christmas Day, we will remember them.


To read about the famous Christmas Truce of 1914, and to donate to the British Legion to help veterans of all conflicts, click the picture below.

The Christmas Truce




Hornets Kensington Shop Online






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