The meat in the soup

Ziheng, that sophisticated and charming friend of Hornets who with his upmarket commercials is becoming the face of China, told me a story. His parents are both in government in China, his grandfather was virtually the governor of a very large province.

One day he took his seven year old grandson for a tour of some villages. When they got to the poorest one it was time to eat. The small village all sat to eat with their honoured guests, the meal was a bowl of soup each. The two important viisitors noticed that in the soup their bowls were the only ones that had meat in them. A small boy about the same age as Ziheng became transfixed with the meat, he couldn’t take his eyes off it. Grandfather asked if he’d like to give his bowl to the boy. Ziheng said no as he was hungry. It was protocol the Governor ate his and never mentioned the incident again.

As Ziheng grew up he could never get that transfixed starring boy out of his mind, or the meat in the soup. That and other things turned him into the fine good man he is today, and grandfather, he had the wisdom to say nothing and let the happening get to work on a good grandson.

Ziheng in China is an actor and playwright.


That is all

The Guv’nor


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