Farewell Roger Sterling

The Man From the Hornet writes…

The phone is off. I’ve set the Out Of Office reply on the email. The door is locked. Don’t bother me. I’m bereft.

Mad Men finished last night.

I thought it would be Joan: I thought I’d miss her the most. Or bold Peggy. I grew to love Peggy. Don obviously. He’s been a big part of my life. But in the cold light of Friday morning, I realise that my life will be poorer because I will no longer be seeing this guy…

Mad Men Season 5 amctv.com

The booze-fuelled overgrown child that is Roger Sterling is the most stylish, and the funniest, most despicable character ever to be welcome in my home. Here’s a compilation of his best, most politically incorrect one-liners. So long Roger, it’s been good to know ya…




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