Ian Fleming & The Style of Bond


On this day in 1908, Ian Fleming was born.

A new Bond movie is a major event and in the weeks running up to the premiere the style pages brim with assessments of Bond’s look – the tailor, the shirtmaker and the cobbler charged with dressing Bond are guaranteed great publicity.

Yet the man who created Bond on the page gives us precious few clues as to the cut and style of Bond’s own clothes, nor the tailor he favoured. But Bond’s eye for detail when observing the attire of others is a sure reflection of Fleming’s own knowledge of style. Fleming himself is said to have favoured Benson, Perry & Whitely on Cork Street where his suits cost 58 guineas in the 50s (about £1,300 in today’s money).

We celebrate the anniversary of his birth with our favourite Bond quote. The movies are stuffed with quips and one-liners, but Fleming’s own pen trumps them all, with this heartfelt morning-after vow from Moonraker:


“Champagne and benzedrine! Never again!”


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