A Stylish Tour of the London Monopoly Board No.1

The Man From The Hornet’s Stylish Tour of The London Monopoly Board Begins…

Monopoly 1

The Old Kent Road is the cheapest square on the English Monopoly board and, as such, is supposed to represent all that is downmarket about London. Yet it is not without its historic stylish connections. For example, King Charles II, the dandiest of all monarchs, rode along the Old Kent Road to reclaim the throne.

But in terms of style it is to David Copperfield that my memory turns when mention is made of the Old Kent Road. In Dickens’s own favourite of his novels, David heads for Dover via this – then largely rural – thoroughfare. You will remember Peggotty’s suitor in that novel Mr Barkis – he imparts the comedically memorable line to Peggotty, via David, “Tell her ‘Barkis is willin’!'” Barkis hides his fiscal light under a bushel, stashing his secret fortune in a plain box marked “old clothes“. Pah. As if a fortune could ever come out of old clothes…

Whitechapel Road provides us with an opportunity to recount one of our favourite of all London style legends.

Moss Bros is a famous High Street name in this country, offering formal wear for hire for weddings and special occasions. London Mayor Boris Johnson claimed to have hired his morning wear for the wedding of the Duke of Cambridge to Catherine Middleton from Moss Bros.

The company has its origins in Whitechapel. East London, founded as Moses and Moses by two Jewish tailor brothers.

Legend has it that one day a breathless chap burst through the door of Moses and Moses in urgent need of a decent suit of clothes. The cause of his urgent need goes unrecorded: it’s often best not to ask too many questions in the East End.

The customer lacked sufficient funds to BUY a suit, but offered a smaller sum in order to BORROW a suit for an agreed period of time…

A lightbulb goes on above the heads of the Moses brothers and a famous British business is born.



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