Happy Christmas Kid

Nearly Christmas, Christmas the biggest religious festival in the world. Celebrating what? In that dark ancient world that Christianity was born into, it shone a loving compassionate forgiving light, a concern with humanity and hope that still shines today. It has been much abused and misused, but it has survived, both as an idea and a faith. At this time this Christmas time we think of fun, happiness, generosity, love, family, friends and above all children. Last year there were over 80,000 homeless children in the UK, this year it’s over 100,000 and there are still tens of thousands of children going to school everyday hungry, yes homeless and hungry in this our country, the sixth biggest economy in the world. There are many appeals this Christmas to help children in the UK and internationally, so please give generously, or simply give what you can. A kid, is a kid, is a kid and we have to help them, all of them wherever they are. So this Christmas help to put a big smile on a little face, then think about it on Christmas Day and say quietly ” Happy Christmas Kid”




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