Annie Russell hairdresser. R.I.P




A couple of months ago I wrote about Annie with her truly sophisticated style and talent putting Kensington Church Walk ‘on the map’ She opened her salon over forty years ago. Annie helped Hornets a great deal, she was always doing a huge PR job on us, she understood our style and what we were about, as we understood her, it was a mutual fan club.

It is very difficult to describe Annie as she was so much. But her warmth, reality, kindness ( she helped many young people, some like Bill Gibb, Joseph Ettedgui, Emelien Blanchard and many more went on to great success) energy and humour made the world revolve around her, which to say the least is unusual.

Annie’s talent as a hairdresser was renowned and her client list spoke of that talent. At one time she was Elizabeth Taylor’s personal hairdresser, travelling with her and Richard Burton. She had many famous clients and many of them became her friends.

Annie as I do loved Kensington Church Walk, that Walk in the heart of Kensington that is so exclusively famous. We had many friends in common and a shared history with many creative and interesting people.

Maybe when I’m gone I’ll find Annie and bring her back to that Walk that we both loved so much.

Then some warm summer night, very late or very early in the morning, you may look down the Walk and by the gentle light of the street lamps see two people sitting on the low wall opposite their shops deep in conversation and quietly laughing, you’ll blink and they will be gone, who knows, who knows, but on such a night the Walk is a magic place, who knows.


William Hornets Wilde




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