Mike and Nick and Gun and Luckett


Mike and Nick, father and son friends of Hornets sent us the above book. It’s published in 1937 and will be added to our extensive and well known reference library, which holds books on vintage clothing, tailors, tailoring, designers, style, sporting and leisure activities, old photographs of the above and much more.

Two acquisitions were ‘Vintage Menswear’ and ‘The Vintage Showroom’ by Douglas Gun and Roy Luckett ( great names, ‘Gun and Luckett’, they sound like eighteenth century pirates) they are very good friends of Hornets and were aided by another friend, the excellent Peter Hawkins.

Their ‘Vintage Showroom’ is a unique collection of men’s vintage clothing for designers and stylists to rent.


They are the tops now, the kings in what they do, nobody can touch them, their collection is superb and grows all the time.

I’ve one moan about them, in their shop/showroom thy very much copied Hornets ‘look’ (well who doesn’t) at least they got it right, but they would, all the others I’ve seen look like ‘Urban Outfitters’ with chandeliers, or worse.

Douglas and Roy, Hornets is ready to help you in any way it can and it’s always a pleasure to see you.

Gentleman, continued success with your very exciting enterprise.

(Pirates, I’m sure they are reformed pirates, with names like Gunn and Luckett they have to be. I bet when the showroom is closed they fly the scull and cross bones flag and crack open a bottle of rum, I’m sure of it)

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