This is the greyfoxmobile.

This is the greyfoxmobile, a work Land Rover, it takes the Fox all over the Lake District, often with his ‘dog’ dog (not a pampered pooch) Harry, who looks and is the real thing. Also the Fox is always carrying on about watches, he should do as he’s an expert, a mine of knowledge on their style and mechanism.
Loads of men online have a flash car, an over fussed spoilt dog, or dogs, and  a vulgar expensive watch and they think ‘this is style’, well gentlemen it isn’t. All three of the above should be part of you, blend in with you, reflect and show
who you are in a direct and simple way as they do with the Grey Fox.
Don’t turn the things that are part of you into fashion accessories. A car should be practical beautiful ( beauty is in the eye of the beholder) and fun, enjoy it, your dog is a dog that comes from a long line of dogs and as your friend deserves your respect as a dog and your watch is above all for telling the time, with this in mind remember all three should still have style, but it must be your style.

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