A tall quiet man with a strong presence.

A tall quiet man with a strong presence who impressed everybody he met with his courtesy,charm and obvious honesty.
He treated all men ‘Lords or Labourers’ with respect and all women as ladies.
I was immensely proud of him and I am privileged to be his son.

Hornets Buys

‘You are treated with courtesy and respect’
(Richard Godwin London Evening Standard on Hornets).
HORNETS BUYS classic, bespoke, vintage, modern and designer Men’s Clothing. Formal and dress wear, shoes, hats all accessories, vintage military and civil uniforms, cloaks and overcoats, vintage sporting clothing shoes and boots. Any clothing that is unusual and interesting.
Open for appointments in the shop from 18th. June seven days a week or drop in Fri. Sat. Sun.
Email Hornetskensington @yahoo.co.uk.
Go to
hornetskensington.co.uk and see Hornets Buys.
Bill Hornets.