The Guv’nor writes… “Bill Hornets here, celebrating 100 Posts on The Hornet by answering the question I’m most often asked:

What is Hornets? I’ll tell you what it’s not first. It’s not a Jermyn Street shop. They, for a start, are in Jermyn Street. We are Kensington. Through and through.

It’s not a tailors… although we do have excellent alteration tailoring available. Neither do we manufacture… though we do have our exclusive shooting and quilted jackets made for us, and next year we are having a range of waistcoats made up from period and modern patterns.

To put it bluntly, we sell secondhand clothes. Backed up by new hats, garments and accessories and new ranges we buy in at a good price. If it’s made yesterday we’ll buy it and sell it, if it has style. This has always been my watchword. Style.

The bulk of our stock is classic English clothing, although we also sell designer chic, if it’s stylish, and anything unusual. For instance, a while ago I bought some period Latvian army jackets, they are wool, warm, have lots of pockets and are a country colour, and look like shooting jackets. They will be on sale next month. Useful for shooting, taking the dog for a walk or the lady to the wine bar. Or walking the lady and taking the dog to the wine bar. (Better idea, that: dogs don’t talk, they listen.) The jackets have “something about them”. And that’s the key:

Everything we sell has to have “something about it”.

We are very lucky with the contacts I’ve built up over the years, the people that find or make our stock. They are Tony, David and Matthew, Charlie, Steve, Mark and George, Simon, Robert, Janet and Gerry. Not forgetting Wallace. (Wallace is a constant support and inspiration to the firm. You’ll be hearing a lot from/about him here on The Hornet in the near future.)

All these people have things in common. They are all my chums (I’m not so sure about Wallace, he can be very difficult, but I think he likes me). But above all they have a passion for what they do – as does our blog chap The Man from the Hornet.

Put together their passion and my passion for what I do and that’s Hornets.

Hornets is an internationally known name that got big by staying small and personal. Come and see us, lots of our customers turn into chums, we are very friendly… mainly because I never let Wallace anywhere near the shops. Like many an inspirational character, Wallace can be very rude.

Happy Hundredth Hornet Post. Here’s to the next hundred. That is all.”


About The Hornet…

The Hornet is nothing short of a Debrett’s guide to your wardrobe.

Style tips, trivia, scenes from the history of men’s fashion, news and anecdote, The Hornet is The Indspensable Blog for the Stylish Gentleman.

We will NOT, however, be advising you on the avoidance of Fashion faux pas: you already know HOW to dress. Why else would you be reading The Hornet or shopping at our three establishments in Kensington?

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