Porn For Hat Lovers

We’ve waited for AGES here in the UK, but the day is finally here. Boardwalk Empire, the prohibition era set gangster drama from the great HBO finally arrives on DVD here on Monday 9th January.


That Christmas postal order from Aunt Ethel will certainly come in handy now.


Gripping story, powerful acting and outstanding period costumes and hats hats hats. It’s the best thing to happen to TV since Mad Men.


We can’t wait. Our colleague The Barfly is less than happy, however: he finds the prohibition era frankly depressing.


You can buy Boardwalk Empire on DVD by clicking HERE.





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The Thursday Ad

It is a general rule that the truly great names and brands don’t advertise. But rules are made to be broken. And it is often the case that when the Bug Guns do finally throw their hat into the commercial ring, the subtext of their message is often We Don’t Need To Advertise – We’re Just Having A Bit Of Fun Here.

The famous Stetson company is doing exactly this with their magazine ad campaign from 1968…

The fella in the pictures is just an ordinary Joe – Bogue Osuchowski according to the copy! What elevates him to look like a man of note, the magnet that has attracted nine different dollybirds and a camera crew is… his hat. A Stetson.

The tag line to the copy is a classic of its kind:

“Nobody ever looked like a nobody in a Stetson.”



To see our own narrow-brimmed trilby, click HERE or the picture below.

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The Return Of…

We’re delighted to see the return of two things very dear to our heart here at The Hornet.

Firstly, Sherlock Holmes is back. Guy Ritchie’s second outing with the Great Detective is in cinemas from the 16th December. We’re doubly delighted in that Jared Harris – the ever-so-dapper English hatchet man in our beloved Mad Men – is taking the role of Moriarty. We’ll be honest: when Brad Pitt was rumoured to be limbering up to play Moriarty, our heart sank a little. Great actor, but not right for The Napoleon of Crime, perfidious Albion made flesh. Jared Harris is perfect casting.


We’re also very happy to welcome back the Hat Shop online. We’ve streamlined it to a few essential items – including, of course, The Sherlock – and we’ll be adding a few more in the near future.


The Game’s Afoot!


You can buy the first Sherlock Holmes movie on DVD & BluRay HERE.

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Happy Birthday

Many happy returns of the day to The Great Gambon – Sir Michael celebrates his birthday today.

His unorthodox Phillip Marlowe in Dennis Potter’s The Singing Detective remains one of our favourite incarnations of the great character.


His Maigret for ITV is a fave here at The Hornet, too. George Simenon’s great French cop features in 75 novels and 28 short stories. But whenever we read them, we picture Gambon.


Both characters are great hat wearers!


Happy birthday sir, and many more.

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The Mayfair Trilby

I Once Was Lost…

Excuse the odd quality of our pic today – it was taken through glass on a sunny day at one of London’s most famous buildings…

Baker Street is famous the world over as the home of Sherlock Holmes. But Londoners also know it as the place to find London Underground’s Lost Property Office.

As we passed by yesterday, this topper in the window caught our eye – lost and then found in 1951 at Euston Underground station. Perhaps the wearer was off to the Festival of Britain gala performance of Antony and Cleopatra starring Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh?

If you know of anyone who lost a top hat 60 years ago, tell them they can get a smashing new one HERE.

Coming Next Week on The Hornet… The Guv’nor will be carrying on about shoes (ooh, he does carry on!); he’ll also be waxing rhapsodic on the topic of colour; and he’ll be getting ready for Goodwood with more vintage motoring mallarkey.

The Goodwood Trilby

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Fez-tival of Kensington

This from today’s Evening Standard

“If ever a pianist could transform virtuoso showiness into tough intellectual argument, it’s Stephen Hough. Saint-Saëns’s Fifth Piano Concerto [nicknamed “The Egyptian Concerto”] is something of a Hollywood vision of a romantic piano concerto but he gave it muscle.

Hough returned for his second bow wearing a fez, a typically whimsical jest from this profoundly serious musician.”

Nick Kimberley is writing today of last night’s Prom concert at The Royal Albert Hall – our local concert hall and the building that Kensington schoolboys used to delight in nicknaming The Kensington Gasworks due to its famous circular shape.

We mention it today because yesterday morning Mr Hough swung by the shop here in Kensington where we catered to his every Fez need.

The Guv’nor adds: “Delighted to read the reviews, universally in praise of Stephen Hough’s performance of the Egyptian concerto – and, of course, of his light-hearted fez-wearing antics. Delighted also to have been a “Patron of the Arts” in however small a way. I have always been in awe of musicians, their talent, and and have relished their company, since working as a lad at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.”

You can read Mr Kimberley’s excellent review in full HERE.

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