Trouble but in a Stylish Way


I don’t know who he is, but he looks trouble. Stylish, but trouble.


Dress Like A Man – Part One

The Man From The Hornet writes… It’s The Hornet’s version of the birthday honours list. Bill Hornets – The Guv’nor – casts his eye over the state of style and holds forth in a four part series in the run up to his birthday. This year he’s “carrying on” about suits, masculinity and how NOT to do it…


Cary Grant

Bill Hornets writes…


When Cary Grant was asked why he thought he was voted “Best Dressed Man of the Year” so often, he replied, “If double breasted suits are fashionable, I wear single and if single are in, I wear double.”


He was making a bit of a joke, but in fact he had a perfect sense of style and dressed superbly, presenting himself beautifully. Simple, masculine, elegant.


In all: a man.



(Continued tomorrow…)


The Hornets 2012

The Man From The Hornet writes…

And so the Best Costume Design Emmy 2012 went to Game of Thrones, a mediaeval fantasy drama from HBO.

Dearie me. A couple of old rugs and the odd pointy helmet. Best costumes my eye. They could have done the whole lot from my daughter’s dressing up box.


No prize for Downton Abbey

… no prize for the lavish Boardwalk Empire


… and not even a NOMINATION for Mad Men…


This travesty has inspired us to issue our own awards. Were going to call ‘em The Hornets – yup, we were up all night thinking of the name. And we’ll award them to the best, most stylish elements of 2012. At the end of the year we’ll do a round-up of the past 12 months and present our awards. If you can think of anyone worthy of a Hornet – someone stylish and individual who has made a mark this year, then drop us a line or leave a comment below to nominate them. Why not even consider a nomination for a Lifetime Achievement Hornet?

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Style Icons: The King’s Favourite


George Villiers, The Duke of Buckingham was the great favourite of King James I.

The phrase “great favourite” is widely held as a history book euphemism for the fact that the pair of ‘em were at it like knives. And on that topic, the debate rages on.

There’s certainly no arguing the style of the man.

In the illustration he wears his famous rose-coloured silk suit overspread with diamonds and valued at £80,000 in its day. We don’t get many of those these days down Kensington way.

Buckingham was also said to have the finest legs in the kingdom. You can judge that for yourselves at the National Portrait Gallery.

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The Rolling Stones No.2

The Guv’nor writes… As everybody knows I’ve always been a Chuck Berry and a Stones man, above all the others, so happy 50th anniversary to the guys once more.


I’d like to see them talking with Beethoven and Mozart and a few of the others like Tchaikovsky, I’d love to be there!

I might just pop along to Somerset House this afternoon. They’re opening the Rolling Stones at 50 exhibition with some rare shots of the band on display.


The Man From The Hornet adds… on the topic of The Stones and Chuck Berry, here’s some wonderful footage (click the video, below) of an irascible Chuck Berry putting Keith Richards through his paces in the film Hail Hail Rock’n’Roll. No one – not even Mick Jagger – could talk to Keith like this and get away with it. Only Chuck Berry could do it. No wonder he’s The Guv’nor’s man!

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The Guv’nor’s Greats: The Stones At 50

Here’s Charlie Watts…


…the most stylish of The Stones launching their new book, Rolling Stones 50, a photographic history of the band.


It was 50 years ago on this day, 12th July, that The Rolling Stones first took the stage, at the famous Marquee Club in Soho. Congratulations gents.




Rolling Stones 50 is published by Thames & Hudson.

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