Where it all started.

The first Hornets, tucked away just north of Marylebone.
Fortunately opposite the Priory Clinic which had a lot of famous and creative clients, some of them old friends of Bill Hornets. Word quickly got around the town about our style and stock.
Every Saturday morning there was champagne and caviar in the back room behind the shop, or Vodka and caviar, which ever was preferred.
This was really the beginning of Hornets international reputation. It was very clubby and friendly, as it still is.


Hornets old friend Ramano is open for Sunday lunch. His Italian restaurant is just down the road from our Church Street shop Here is the point, some of you like Italian, some English traditional. Together you can have both before or after your Sunday visit to Hornets Ladies and Gents shops.



Diana Diors. Actress.

A British National Treasure.

I was in what was then ‘the club’ in London, I’d been out of town for a while. A friend from my student days came bowling over, it was Lakey, a big guy with a big personality, I’d always liked him. He dragged me over to meet ‘the wife’ it was Diana Diors.

I was overcome, not with Diana’s clamorous stardom and celebratory but by her huge warmth and charm and her dazzling smile.

Laughing I said all the right things about Lakey, it was easy, as I liked him and Diana was very complementary about me. Chatting we had a few drinks, then I left to join friends I was meeting.

I often saw Lakey and Diana around town, then one day I was at a Charity ‘do’ at the Savoy and there was Diana. We were talking when Sir Hugh Wontner of the Savoy group joined us, I introduced them. Sir Hugh, that sophisticated, powerful, cleaver, ruthless and much honoured man became a laughing boy as Diana with that wonderful smile chatted away he was captivated, I excused myself and did the rounds, thinking Diana was one of the most natural people I had ever met.

Diana Diors, a great lady, a superb actress and truly a National Treasure, the People loved her.



Hornets went a bit girlie with the shop on Church Street.

Now we’re letting Ladies into that bastion of men’s style and originality, the shops on Kensington Church Walk. Yes we’ve done it, like a St. James club the girls are in. One of the shops is for ladies with a fantastic collection of period, vintage and modern clothing and accessories, it’s the old flower shop (as we call it) at 2b. It’s a good Sunday outing for couples or friends, Hornets, then the local pub (very good food) or the local brasserie, The Ivy.

The Church Street shop is back to men’s, with morning wear and a good mixed stock.


A night at the Dogs

A bookmaker and his friends at a London dog track in the 1950’s A formidable looking bunch.