Who’s Who at The Hornet

Dramatis Personae – A Who’s Who of The Hornet

The Guv’nor

Bill Hornets has been in the vintage clothing business for 30 years. He opened the very first vintage clothing boutique for men – which at the time was a very new idea.

He has A LOT to say about style. So pay attention at the back: he will be asking questions.

Style Management

Regular Hornet-ites will know him personally as Michal Martychowiec – he’s often around the shops, when not jetting off to, say, Guggenheim Venice to oversee one of his installations.

The Man from the Hornet

The Pen (or rather the mouse) behind the bits of this blog that are not The Guvnor or Style Management.

The Barfly

Our drinks columnist. Of whom Wallace does not approve. (See bottom of cast list for Wallace – bottom of cast list but top of the bill, of course.)

The Crafts and Arts Movement

The indispensible talents that help make Hornets tick – see their handsome faces HERE.

Sundry Kensington Chums

See the VERY KENSINGTON page for the best and most lovely supporting characters anywhere.


Friend, confidante, customer to The Guv’nor. In the company of his long-suffering valet Allders, Wallace revels in upsetting the peace of our corner of Kensington. Always in a stylish way, of course.

A former-friend to many a star (he loses friends as a matter of routine, his tongue being too sharp for anyone but The Guv’nor to bear) and an acerbic observer of Kensington life, his anecdotes of a life badly led are legion. Be sure to ask him the one about John Wayne if you run into him here at the shops. We might even get round to telling it here on The Hornet one of these days.



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