Kirk & Burt

On this day in 1851, Doc Holliday was born.


Holliday, a dentist by trade, was involved in the most celebrated gun battle of the old American West: the gunfight at the OK Corral.


Of all the many movies and TV shows made about this legendary incident, our favourite remains 1957’s Gunfight at the OK Corral, starring this pair…



Kirk Douglas (that’s him on the left, youngsters) takes on the role of Holliday with Burt Lancaster playing Wyatt Earp.


A stylish pair, whatever the occasion…


… whatever the age…




Here’s Kirk on Burt: “I’ve finally gotten away from Burt Lancaster. My luck has changed for the better. I’ve got nice-looking girls in my films now.”



And here’s Burt on Kurt: “Kirk would be the first to admit that he’s difficult to work with – and I would be the second.”





The Stylish Musicians No.3: Jacques Dutronc

Jacques Dutronc is often summed up as the French Ray Davies: witty, satirical, an outsider, taking pot shots at prevailing trends.




His Mini Mini Mini (1966) takes issue with the 60s trend for everything getting smaller – from skirts to cars. Sentiments shared by Bill Hornets in the current era with regards to “skinny” tailoring (read The Guv’nor’s earlier post on that HERE.)