Get Knotted. 260 Times

One can never have too many ties.


But one CAN wear too many.


260, in our opinion, is too many. Too many to wear all at the same time, that is.


We loved this story, picked up from the Bedfordshire on Sunday website, featuring a schoolteacher who tried to break the world record for wearing the most ties.

Mr Jones


Mr Jones, a maths teacher at St Andrew’s School in Bedford attempted, to break the existing record of 212. And while his effort is yet to be verified by the Guinness Book of Records, we’d like to take the opportunity to say “Well Done That Man!” on two counts: firstly for raising money for MacMillan Cancer Support; and secondly for possessing 260 neckties in the first place! As we said: one can never have too many ties.


You can help Mr Jones’s fund-raising efforts HERE.



Michal’s Back In Town



Sleek, handsome and NEVER makes a mess on the carpet.

And the dog has his good points, too!


Here’s Michal (above), Hornets Style Management, in Church Walk yesterday. Michal’s work in the art world takes him around the globe, but it’s always lovely to be able to say: welcome “home” to Kensington Michal!


The Guv’nor, Bill Hornets writes…


Hornets Style Management is in London to deliver some of his artworks to a big collector, and of course he is keeping an eye on Hornets.


He is elegant as always in a Henry Poole suit.
Henry Poole was the first tailor in Savile Row, he took over the premises from the Savile Club, which is now in Brook St. The Savile is Michal’s London club, every young artist of note should be a member of the Savile. The dog’s name is Billy, he comes from a very good family.


New Stock Announcement: Ties For The Season


An exclusive stock announcement, revealed here and going on the Hornets website later today…


Ties for the season.


Shooting, country or just day-to-day, Hornets autumn ties have arrived.


£15 each or two for £25.


This year we have an even bigger collection of tweeds, shooting boots, breeches, caps, bags and all things “country”.



A Few Words on Scotland From The Pen – And The Heart – Of Bill Hornets

United Kingdom flagScotland, oh Scotland.

If it’s a yes or no for independence, Alex Salmond is the loser. If it’s yes he has to deliver that near impossible “Brave New World” he’s promised his people, if it’s no, I presume he loses his job.

Some years ago I was working in Scotland for six months based in Glasgow, that city that I learned to love. Some weekends I’d go to Edinburgh, again a remarkable and beautiful city.

I’ve worked in The Highlands, Dundee and a lot in between.

In Glasgow I was looked after by Mrs Burns and her husband Willie, they treated me like family. Everywhere I went in Scotland with my very English self and very English voice, I found nothing but warmth, generosity and a remarkable courtesy, rough and ready in Glasgow, more genteel in other parts of the country, but the same.

Adam the Scotsman I work with on this blog and the Hornets website has all the qualities I mention plus that other Scottish gift a tremendous sense of humour. He is very Scottish. I am very English. We work very well together.

I’d love Scotland to stay in the union, together we are stronger. I also feel a great emotional tie to that beautiful country and its extraordinary people. They are my people, as I am theirs.

Whatever happens Scotland I wish you luck and please know that I will carry a piece of Scotland in my heart forever.

The Guv’nor

Boardwalk Empire: The Final Reckoning

The Man From the Hornet writes… We’re already bereft. The final season of Boardwalk Empire, the prohibition-era gangster drama, is in full swing. We’re going to miss the hats, the suits, the spats, the whole shooting match.

Boardwalk Empire


Following an earlier post on Boardwalk Empire (see HERE), we had a lovely comment from Gary White, the hat maker on the series:


Hi I am Gary White designer and creator of the headwear seen on Boardwalk Empire I would like to thank you for your kind attention to detail in the various colors used to present the mood of the character and the actors portraying them! I am very proud of the headwear created at the studios of The Custom Hatter located in Buffalo NY and thank you for enjoying the series!


Watch the last season (sniff) of Boardwalk Empire on Sky Atlantic in the UK and HBO in North America.


What To Do If Bitten By A Snake On The Way to the Goodwood Revival (!)

A while ago we posted a Motorway-free map from our old road atlas – you can see it again HERE  – and in the run-up to Goodwood this weekend here’s another gem from the golden age of motoring held within its pages. So here we go: advice on how to cope with…

Picnic And Holiday Accidents


1. Lay the victim on his back.

2. Try to prevent him from moving in any way.

3. Apply a band round the limb between the bite and the heart and tighten it only until the veins stand out. If the limb becomes blue, loosen the band a little.

4. Summon medical help.

5. Do no cut or suck the bite or rub anything into it.

6. Raise the bitten part.


Phew! Motoring was a tough business in the Golden Age, what?!

We’re very fond of step no.5 – aimed at the motorist who had watched too many Westerns.

Personally, we would move step no.4 right to the top of the pile.


The book is decent enough to point out that “the only poisonous snake native to Britain is the adder or the viper” which is moderately reassuring. At least we won’t have to contend with the Eastern Brown Snake when pootling though East Sussex. Native to Australia, 1/14,000th of an ounce of the Eastern Brown’s venom is enough to “prevent the victim from moving in any way” ever again. Ouch.


Bill Hornets adds: “In the event of a Style Accident, a much more serious affair, get yourself along to Hornets!”