These boys have just lived through a terrible war. They were very much part of it, as it affected their lives so much. How reassuring being a member of the cricket team, something to hang on to, something that to them is so English, something that is security.

Does anyone have a grandfather or father in the picture?



In the 1950’s there were a lot of actors living in Kensington. There was even an actors afternoon drinking club at the bottom of Church Street, the Green Room club, now long gone. This stylish fellow is a very 50’s type actor. The hat isn’t really necessary, except for showing him to be a ‘man about town’ a bit of ‘a lad’ It’s a casting photograph and he’s presenting himself as a ‘leading man’. The photographer is also out to make his mark as he’s signed the mount. A simple photo, with a lot going on.

The Major’s shoes


An extremely rare pair of coarse fishing boots by Hardy Bros. circa 1920.

A tough ‘no nonsense’ hobnailed boot in canvas and leather.

Size 11.


Hornets shoe sizes. 6 to 12.



‘The Resurrection’ after an old master by Miles Spooner of Lady H at Hornets.


Easter a time to think of Morning Wear for the coming season.

Hornets is open all over the Holiday, 11 to 6.