Farewell Roger Sterling

The Man From the Hornet writes…

The phone is off. I’ve set the Out Of Office reply on the email. The door is locked. Don’t bother me. I’m bereft.

Mad Men finished last night.

I thought it would be Joan: I thought I’d miss her the most. Or bold Peggy. I grew to love Peggy. Don obviously. He’s been a big part of my life. But in the cold light of Friday morning, I realise that my life will be poorer because I will no longer be seeing this guy…

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The booze-fuelled overgrown child that is Roger Sterling is the most stylish, and the funniest, most despicable character ever to be welcome in my home. Here’s a compilation of his best, most politically incorrect one-liners. So long Roger, it’s been good to know ya…




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Monday Morning Best Foot Forward

The Guv’nor writes…

A selection of vintage shoes from our ever-changing stock.

Hornets For Shoes 2

We always have interesting shoes at Hornets…

Hornets For Shoes 3


I’d go so far as to say Hornets is famous for shoes…

Hornets For Shoes 4

We’ve had lots of new arrivals of late, a range of classic styles to choose from…

Hornets for Shoes 1

It is said that women look at men’s shoes to see how successful they are. I know men look at other men’s shoes, as it tells you a lot about a man. Not so much his background, as style, good taste, confidence, creativeness and success in a particular field. Fine shoes can tell you these things and more.



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Prime Ministerial Style & The Admirable Restraint of the British

The Man From the Hornet writes…



We British have only assassinated one of our Prime Ministers. An admirable degree of restraint for which we deserve far more praise than we get, in my humble opinion.


Prime Minister Spencer Perceval was assassinated on this day, 11th May in the year 1812. His assassin an aggrieved merchant by the name o’ John Bellingham.



Like the best of stylish fellows, he knew how to maximise his God-given attributes. Being something of a shorty he never posed for a full-length portrait. In terms of dress, he is the last Prime Minister to make a habit of wearing a powdered wig and knee breeches.








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