No idea


I have no idea who these people are. I found them among some family papers.

They have style and seem very assured.





In the country.

This nineteenth century Knight of the Realm is wearing a light tweed waistcoat and pants with a dark frock coat.

A good idea is the tweed waistcoat and pants with a cord jacket.

Or a tweed jacket and waistcoat with cord pants, or odd breeches.

Then cord pants with a velvet jacket could be worn for dinner.

With a couple of suites , a velvet jacket, a pair of breeches, boots, two pairs of shoes, assorted shirts, ties ,socks and a stout ash handled brolly you have everything for a long weekend or even a week in the country.

Instead of the brolly, you could have a heavy briar walking stick with a waterproof or tweed topcoat, depending on the weather forecast. Apart from the velvet everything is a bit “Rough and Tumble” so relax and enjoy yourself.




A lived in, much loved, velvet evening jacket by Huntsman and Sons. From 1969.




A 1961 made to measure “High Street” tweed jacket by Burton. British cloth and tailoring for the people. Superb.