The Times and Ties The Times has come out against ties, praising Rory Stewart for taking his off in the television debate to become the next Prime Minister

It looked like he planned to take it off, his microphone was clipped to his suit, not to his tie as is unusual.
Slumped on a stool with his legs wide apart, looking up down and all around the studio with a suit and no tie, he looked like an uncouth youth trying to be noticed, to stand out. Well Mr Stewart you were noticed and they didn’t like what they saw and heard, you’re out.
A tie with a suit and sometimes a jacket gives you authority, in this ‘day and age’ a tie with a suit represents learning, assurance and most importantly can look elegant. Ascot without a tie, the mind boggles
(In the photo there are a few Sulka, a Hermes,
a Borrelli and others).

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Harry Hall 1950

Harry Hall 1950, the jackets classic cut and cloth’s haven’t changed and the rollneck sweater is the same today, great colour, canary yellow. That timeless English look, superb.(HA)
(‘wears like a dog’s nose’ I love that. BH)