An Austin Reed vintage 1960’s Irish tweed check jacket, with three buttons, a single vent, leather patches to the arms, leather trim to the front and cuffs. A much loved sporting jacket of character. size 40.


Hornets Heroes (I knew) Peter O’Toole

Peter O’Toole was always well dressed. Usually when he was popping around Soho, which he loved to do, he wore a single breasted bespoke suit, a beige raincoat thrown over his shoulders or his arm and a Lock and Co. brown trilby.
He was an elegant man in everything he did, a true sophisticate, alive with nervous energy.

Hornets Heroes. ( I Knew) Peter Wyngarde.

Peter Wyngarde was very well cast in his television series as Jason King, like King he had a large personality and buckets of style. Off stage he dressed in rather a theatrical style, not over the top like King but beautifully done, velvet, silk shirts, fine and well cut clothing. It worked on him, as he was, like Jason King, masculine. Later in life he decided to dress down so he wouldn’t be noticed, but it didn’t work. Peter in jeans and workwear still stood out and still looked stylish. He had great charm and genuinely liked people, there was nothing petit about him. In all he was
a very ‘Gutsy Guy’, as a kid in the war, being in China in a Japanese internment camp  without his family, then at eighteen arriving in the U.K. on Liverpool docks again by himself with nothing, made him so.

Hugh Hefner, the Playboy Club London

The Times and Ties The Times has come out against ties, praising Rory Stewart for taking his off in the television debate to become the next Prime Minister

It looked like he planned to take it off, his microphone was clipped to his suit, not to his tie as is unusual.
Slumped on a stool with his legs wide apart, looking up down and all around the studio with a suit and no tie, he looked like an uncouth youth trying to be noticed, to stand out. Well Mr Stewart you were noticed and they didn’t like what they saw and heard, you’re out.
A tie with a suit and sometimes a jacket gives you authority, in this ‘day and age’ a tie with a suit represents learning, assurance and most importantly can look elegant. Ascot without a tie, the mind boggles
(In the photo there are a few Sulka, a Hermes,
a Borrelli and others).

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