Not Horsepower, but Dogpower.

A 1930’s form of transport.


The Major’s Shoes


A vintage, unused,

pair of 1950’s Veldtschoen shoes by George Webb.

A tough, but handsome country shoe.

Size 8 1/2

Hornets shoe sizes 6 to 12


The Major’s Shoes


An outstanding pair of vintage country shoes, made to order by Harrods in the 1950’s.

The built in tongue and Norwegian stitching to the sole making them completely waterproof.

Size 11 1/2


Hornets shoe sizes. 6 to 12



In the thirties, forties and fifties boys dressed like their Dads when they went to school. I suppose they still do, to an extent.
This stylish fellow, complete with his cloves and pocket handkerchief certainly cuts a dash.