Grenfell shooting /country jacket in the famous Grenfell cloth, with a large game pocket to the inside. Size 44




The Duke of Buckingham. A great favourite of James I of England.

Many a bar room historian will read in the phrase “great favourite” a euphemism to gild the fact that the pair of ‘em were at it like knives. And on that topic, the debate rages on. But there’s no arguing the style of the man.

In this illustration he wears his famous rose-coloured silk suit, overspread with diamonds and valued at £80,000 in its day. We don’t get many of those these days down Kensington way.

Buckingham was also said to have the finest legs in the kingdom. You can judge that for yourselves at the National Portrait Gallery.



Sam Bompas of Bompas & Parr

From an interview in The Guardian On Sunday.


“Tweedland” The Gentleman’s club


There’s a chap who virtually dresses me at a shop called Hornets. It’s a second-hand gent’s clothing shop in Kensington Church Walk. Full of Saville Row suits, and weird and wonderful military dress jackets. The shoes have  been resoled so many times, I’ve probably paid five times as much in repairs, as I did originally. They’re from Hornets, they’re Carville. The company strapline is ” The shop for the amorous man” which is slightly creepy. Clothes are a mechanism of communication–people are adept at reading clothes,and you can manipulate that. Wear a bicorn hat or a hussars jacket to a party, and everyone will pay attenton; My style icon is Toad from The Wind in The Willows. Sam Bompass.

Bompas & Parr








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A London tailor 1923


last copy of man

























A 1930’s simple, stylish outfit for walking/hiking. That’s probably a rain cape strapped to his rucksack. The map covers a part of England that is very dear to my heart, a beautiful gently rolling countryside that is part of me. BH.