Another overcoat with character. A vintage blanket lined British Warm with a Beaver Lamb collar, by Moss Bross. Size 42.


A question of discretion.

A great part of Hornets stock is acquired from the public, that’s not in the trade. For different reasons people want their transactions to remain private, so many interesting and  pieces we get you don’t see online.

So come to the shops and ‘See it, touch it,try it on’. Its also fun and interesting coming to Hornets.

Belt and Braces.

A working man from the 1920’s to the middle 60’s would always wear a belt with his one suit, his ‘Sunday Best’ , it was his working belt. With a cheap heavy cotton shirt and cloth cap he knew who he was and was proud, he was the backbone of an island people, my people. BH



Michal the artist, a long time associate of Hornets, he worked with us, when he was at St. Martins (he was a top student with an MA) and still contributes to Hornets.

Here he’s being interviewed by Chinese National Television about his art, he has shows in China and lectures there

Now here’s the point, he’s wearing an English bespoke suit and bespoke shoes and a collarless shirt

He’s making a style statement, no tie,but unlike everybody else it’s not an open neck shirt, its a shirt without a collar, that’s chic.


I often look at this painting, it hangs above a settee, beside a 20th century icon, but my eye always rests on it. Oil on canvas. 21″+19″. BH

Ellen Terry as ‘Madame Sans-Gene’ As an actress she was a superstar. As a woman, a powerful feminist. 20’+16′.